Remote Computer Support                                                                                    

Employing the same technology utilised by major businesses to support remote workers, Am Computers can typically control your computer remotely to resolve most issues.  This approach facilitates rapid problem resolution and reduces service costs.                                                            

Computer Hardware Diagnostics

Unable to resolve a nagging issue that is impacting your ability to make effective use of your computer?  Even if your system won’t boot or crashes repeatedly, Am Computers has the proprietary diagnostic tools to identify the root cause and get you productive again.

Computer Hardware Repair

From cracked latop screens to computers that won’t turn on,  Am Computers has the technical expertise and parts on hand to get your computer up and running in a minimal amount of time.

Computer Software

Our trained software engineers have the skill sets and tools needed to correct applications that crash, hang, are slow or otherwise just don’t seem to run properly.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Today’s virus infections range from being relatively benign to extreme security risks that have the ability to steal personal information along with your identity.  If you are experiencing pop up ads, being redirected to web sites that you did not select or are plagued by slowness and intermittent internet connectivity, turn your computer off and call us immediately.

PC Optimisation

Accumulating temp files, missing operating system updates, too little remaining disk space, rogue toolbars and unneccessary processes that start on boot up all lead to performance degradations over time.  Our technicians can restore your computers performance using the latest tools and industry best practices.


Am Computers services that include cabling, network printer installation, router setup, network troublshooting and the deployment of appropriate security measures aimed at protecting your critical personal data.

Backup & Storage

Protection of irreplaceable photos, documents and personal information is critical.  Hard drives are mechanical devices that rotate at very high speeds when your computer is in use.  Failure of these components is not a matter of “if” but “when”. Am Computers can recommend and install a local and / or cloud based backup solution that will ensure your information survives floods, fires and / or routine hardware failures.

Data Recovery

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a hard drive, USB stick and / or RAID array that was not backed up, Am Computers offers a full suite of data recovery services for Mac OS, Linux and Windows based file systems.

Computer Upgrades

Rather than buying a new computer, extend the life of your existing machine and improve performance by addding more memory or a larger hard drive. Am Computers will recommend and install the needed upgrades to improve your productivity while minimising the impact on your budget.

Estimates & Immediate Repair

An MCSE certified technician will arrive to you promptly, determine the concerns with your equipment, provide a free estimate, and with your approval, begin to fix the issue immediately.

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